Tips for Showing Your Home

First impressions count with Buyer's who will be previewing your home. Of course every home is different, but this is some general information which will help you prepare for selling which have been helpful tips for our Sellers!


Oil doors that squeak

Tighten doorknobs

Clean and repair windows

Touch up chipped paint or walls that need repainting

Repair leaking taps & toilets

Touch up exterior paint

Fix broken sprinkler heads

First Impression

Clean & tidy entrance

Functional doorbell

Re-paint front door & trim

Clear driveway of leaves or debris. Clean Garage

Weed & edge gardens, pick up litter

Cut lawns, trim shrubs, seal or powerwash driveway

The Spacious Look

Clear stairs and halls

Clear counters

Clear off front porch and clean

Re-arrange furniture to make rooms appear larger

Clean closets & dressers to appear more sparse. Store items which you are not using to make rooms look larger



Clean, Clean, Clean

Clean refrigerator & stove

Shampoo carpets/have tile professionally cleaned

Clean other areas you would not normally clean weekly such as outside/interior windows, sidelight windows (next to doors), dust baseboards, vaccuum, wipe down appliances inside and out

Clean furnace and ac with professional heating/cooling company