More Seller Tips

At the initial home listing appointment, you should discuss with your agent what items will not be remaining. For example, do the stove, refrigerator, dishwasher (not a built-in), washer, dryer go or stay? Do the curtains remain? Does the hot tub stay? These are all negotiable items, but important for a potential Buyer to know up front during showings.

If an item is an "attached item", such as a lighting fixture, items such as this are considered to be part of the sale and included with the home as part of the Florida purchase contract. If you decide to take an "attached item" of the property with you, the easiest way to avoid conflicts later on, is to take the fixture down prior to the first showing and replace it with a similar fixture. This way the buyer will see the exact lighting fixture included with the house. If the fixture is not going to be removed until the house closes, let your Realtor know so he will notify buyers that the light will not be remaining and will be replaced with another fixture.

Any thing such as drapery rods, lighting fixtures, blinds are normally part of the Florida State purchase contract so automatically remain unless agreed upon by both parties in the contract.