Mortgage Documents Required by Some Banks for the
Pre-qualification or Pre-approval Process

Before you set out to purchase a home, it is first necessary to determine how much home you can afford. The information listed below gives you a general idea what a lender may require when they qualify you to see how much you can afford for a loan and/or to apply for a mortgage.
  1. Employment History (2 Years)
  2. Self-Employed – Tax returns (2 Years) Personal and Business {All pages}
  3. Prior Year W2 Forms
  4. Current Pay Stub(s)
  5. Residence History
  6. Bank Accounts (2 Most Recent Statements)
  7. Monthly Debt Information
  8. Divorce Decree (If applicable)
  9. Lease/Rental Agreements
  10. Mortgage and Account Numbers
  11. Current Title Policy, Warranty Deed & Survey (If Refinance)
  12. Insurance Binder
  13. Any Foreclosure or Short Sale history-docs and exact date of occurence
Depending on which lender you choose, the list may vary and additional proof may be required.
All information is deemed to be accurate; however not guaranteed.