Let Us Walk You Through the Process of Buying a Home

Get pre-qualified

Schedule an initial meeting or phone conference call with a mortgage banker or mortgage broker. See our mortgage docs section on what to bring to this initial meeting.

Many people ask "WHO IS RESPONSIBLE FOR PAYING THE COMMISSION?" Our fee is generally negotiated from the seller of the property.

View listings

Review homes that meet your criteria on-line or if you prefer through e-mail listings can be sent to you. An efficient and very quick process!

Preview homes

Buyer's Agent obtains information crucial to purchasing a home.

We have an absolute handle on the idea that you are the client and we respect you deciding to do business with us and treat you with the respect and courtesy you deserve.

Writing the purchase offer

Once you find a home that suits you both financially and personally

Broker will draft the offer in writting.
Offer is communicated to the Seller or Listing agent of the owner.
Seller has an option to accept, counter or reject the offer.
Seller is not reqired to respond in writting if they reject the offer.

When the offer is countered

You have the following options when the offer is countered by the Seller:

1.Counter the offer back with what you the buyer are willing to pay plus other negotiable things such as: closing date, Seller helping with closing costs etc.
2. Accept the offer
3. Reject the offer  

When the offer is accepted

Purchasers and the Owner/Seller have agreed in writing on all the terms and conditions of the contract. There may be some contingencies to the offer such as a Home Inspection, Chimney Inspection, Radon testing, Chinese Drywall and others that can be discussed, when you meet with one of our associates.

And so...onward to the closing process for the next steps in the transaction process.