Defining the Comparative Market Analysis (CMA)

A CMA is a comprehensive analysis performed by a Realtor, of the most comparable properties within your area which have recently sold. We also look at properties which failed to sell, current property on the market and properties which are pending sales. The Agent then will make adjustments for certain features that your home has/doesn't have verses the most comparable properties which do/do not have. The correct selling price of a home, is the highest price the market will bear.

We can agree that there is a price which would be too high to list the property at. If we take a close look at the property which did not sell, we can be careful not to get too close to this point.

By doing our homework diligently, we can get maximum dollar for your property in a reasonably short period of time. The market is always changing, so even if you received a market analysis as little as 6 months to a year before, you should consider having a new one completed.

We offer a unique marketing plan with diligent follow up that has yielded positive results in our past experience with home sales. . We have the experience, the proven track record and the diligence to get the job done from the beginning to the end.