Moving Tips

Pre-arrange moving company ahead of time... Often certain times of year are busier than others and you want to be sure to get your planned move date.
Use a reputable moving company... It may help to use a company that a friend has used or that a trusted source has done business with. This may get you a better rate as well!
Companies may deliver boxes... Check with the moving company to see if they will deliver boxes to your home free of charge - some will if you ask the question.
If you are moving yourself... Get reliable people to help you - you don't want to end up alone on moving day. Banana boxes or liquor boxes work great and some supermarkets will save the boxes for you.
Pack ahead of time... Pack up items you are not using. Store items in the attic or against one of the Garage walls. You will need to pack eventually anyhow. Your home will show better & rooms will seem more spacious with less in them.
Cancel gas, electric, water, cable, internet, phone... Give these places a closing date ahead of time when the service will be ending in your name. Some companies will not actually take the info. until the actual date that you are moving, but some will accommodate you if you check ahead of time.
Leave everything specified in the contract... Sometimes there are items that are normally not part of a contract which stay. For example, if you agreed to leave a washer and dryer for the buyer. you need to leave these items in the property. Purchase offers also specify certain items which always remain. Check with your Agent.
Check with your Agent about your closing date... Often times there are obstacles which need to be overcome before a Title Company will schedule a closing date. Your Agent and/or the Title Company should be in touch with what is going on with your contract and if there are any obstacles. These should always be worked on before closing; not at the closing table.
48 Hours Prior to Closing... You, as the Buyer are entitled to a "walk through" of the house you are purchasing 48 hours prior to closing. A walk through is important since you inspect the house to see it is as you saw the house previously.
Pack a bag of clothing for the next day after the move... This always comes in handy for the next day after the move when you have a million boxes and don't know where a clean shirt or your deodorant is!
Pack a lunch/dinner for your arrival... Keep this in the front seat of your car so you know exactly where the food is when you arrive at your new home.
Be sure to forward your mail... Pick up a change of address booklet at the post office or let us mail you one of our Seller/Buyer packets which includes one!